Zombie Killing Alliance

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                                            #1 Ranked Zombies Clan in the World!

    Hey Zombie Slayers! The ZKA (Zombie Killing Alliance) is a clan of elite zombie slayers out to do one thing and one thing only... Killin' Zombies! The ZKA specializes in going to High Rounds, Breaking World Records, and Doing Challenges! The ZKA was founded in 2008 and is currently holding up to 1000+ members! The ZKA is also on Xbox360 and PS3. Some things that our clan provides is training in zombies, hosted events every Friday, giveaways, and much more!

    Are you interested in joining the ZKA? Here, we will give you a little bit of background information from what you can expect from us when you join. First off, the clan cost 400 microsoft points (5 Dollars). Once that amount is paid in full, you will go through what we call the "ZKA Membership Process" (ZMP). Within the ZMP, you will learn things such as; How to run a proper train, best strategies to use, most effecient way to get points, how to become a better zombie slayer overall, etc! Once you have completed ZMP, you will either have the offer to go deeper into training to become a certified ZKA Leader or play around with other ZKA Members! For more information on how the ranks in the clan work, check out the link in the description.

    Granted, going through this training might sound a little boring but you can become certified in less than a month (Depending off of your skill-set). Also, if you want to build yourself up in the ranks, you have the choice to be apart of any Sector Department; Like our Youtube Department, Bussiness Department, etc! Now knowing that, here is a video link to our ZKA Zombies Clan Promo Video!

   So, now that you know a lot more information about the clan, we will give you the details on how to join! If you are a Xbox360 user, please type in your gamertag and a little bit of your zombies history down below in the box provided. If you are a PS3 user, you will have to contact us via Skype at JoinTheZka or contact us via Youtube at Youtube.com/TheZkaClan. For any questions, comments, or concerns, just message us on Youtube at Youtube.com/TheZkaClan

Fill out the fields down below and a ZKA Leader will add you via Xbox360 in 1-2 days! 

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